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7. Economical drivers

PV UP-SCALE has analysed Economic and non-economic institutional drivers and barriers for an increase of the market penetration of Building-integrated PV on an urban scale.

The following tasks have been carried out:

  1. Survey of value analyses;
  2. Identification of the most important stakeholders (PV system owners, manufacturers, utilities, local politicians...) in the market penetration process;
  3. Analysis of the impact parameter in the decision making process of these stakeholders;
  4. Investigation of the economic and financing aspects;
  5. Discussion of successful policy strategies.

Deliverable N° Deliverable name Type of deliverable Status
D5.1 Report on "Economical drivers and market impacts of urban PV" document Delivered
D5.2 Paper on "Demand side value of PV" document Delivered
D5.3 Paper on " Global context, environmental costs and energy portfolio analysis for urban PV" document Delivered