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6. Grid issues

PV UP-SCALE addresses important grid issues: technical impacts of PV inverters, interconnection guidelines, network risks, and required inputs to network planning.

The main questions to be answered are among others:
* What are the experiences of utilities with distributed (PV) systems ?
* Which are the experiences of clients with utilities ?
* Do hazardous voltage levels occur at the customer’s premises ?
* Do PV inverters introduce harmonic distortions which deteriorate grid quality ?
* Do large number of inverters in close vicinity disturb each other ?
* Do inverters affect utilities remote control signalling ?

Key tasks are presented in the following subtask list :
ST 4.1 : Review publications on impact of dispersed generation (download report)
ST 4.2 : Collect and evaluate experience with PV interactions from electricity companies (download report)
ST 4.3 : Completion of information by measurements in Low Voltage (LV) electricity networks (download report)
ST 4.4 : Review, comment and influence standards and rules for network interconnection (download report)
ST 4.5 : Assessment lessons-learnt and reporting (download voltage drop calculation software)

Deliverable N° Deliverable name Type of deliverable Status
D4.1 Report on State of the Art on dispersed PV power generation Report
D4.2 Report on utilities experience and perception of distributed PV Report
(+annexe 1)
(+annexe 2)
(+annexe 3)
(+annexe 4)
(+annexe 5)
D4.3 Report on effects of urban scale PV on the LV network based on measured voltage and load characteristics at PV system interconnection nodes Report Delivered
D4.4 Recommendations for utilities on PV system interconnection issues Report Delivered
D4.5 Draft standard / guideline for grid connection of larger-scale or dense urban PV systems SoftwareDelivered